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It is possible to apply for this visa through Real estate investments, the options are:

Changes to the Portugal Golden Visa come into effect on January 1st 2022.


Residential property

  • You will no longer be able to invest in properties in major cities or coastal towns.This means that locations such as Lisbon and the Algarve are off the table

  • Real estate must be in specified interior areas of the country and worth at least €500,000. This amount drops to €300,000 if you invest in a rehabilitation project

  • Properties in ‘low-density’ areas benefit from a 20% discount


Commercial property

  • Commercial property can be purchased anywhere in the country, as long as it is worth at least €500,000. Again, this drops to €300,000 if you invest in a rehabilitation project.

  • Commercial Properties in ‘low-density’ areas also benefit from a 20% discount.

Tax regime for NHR (non habitual residents)

During 10 years, a fix tax of 10% IRS for work revenues in high added-value profissional activities;
For pensioners a fixed tax of 10% in abroad pensions revenues (depending on agreements between Portugal and revenues country);

No tax apllied for abroad returns on categories: work, capital, added-values.

Requisits to acquire/apply for NHR status:

  • No fiscal tributation in Portugal in the last 5 years;

  • Stay in Portugal more than 183 days (in a row or intercaleted)

  • Should be in Portugal in 31st december of the year of NHR requisition and show interest in choose Portugal as residence.

  • Work in a foreign country in public services of Portuguese Governement. Need to have portuguese fiscal number (NIF)

  • Registry as portuguese resident

*Important to consult local lawyers to analyse your specific case and give the adequted suppport and guidance.

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